January 2013
Marine Pollution: Testing Toxicity
With the objective of studying the effects of heavy metal toxicants and pesticides in sea water, the Department of Marine and Coastal Studies at Madurai Kamaraj University, India, incorporated Cole-Parmerís Multi-Channel Pump into their toxicology study.
- Cole-Parmer India Pvt Ltd
February 2013
Producing Dilutions with a Tolerance of Only 0.02%
PVS Chemicals' innovations is the ultra-pure sulphuric acid. PVS is able to supply diluted acid at a high level of purity in which impurities are measured down in the PPT range. The purity of acid enables PCBs to be manufactured in a way, so the individual circuit paths can be placed even closer together. This allows electronic devices such as smartphones to be made smaller and lighter. Schubert & Salzer Control Systems' sliding gate valves have proved to be outstandingly successful in the processing plant producing the diluted Sulphuric Acid.
- Schubert & Salzer Representative Offi ce in India, Mumbai
March 2013
Future of Indian Chemical Industry

Having worked for over 56 years in Chemical Industry, most of the time in India, it makes one sad to forecast the short-sighted approach of our Industry leaders and Associations who while serving their own business and catering to local issues and problems, have not explored steps to lay a foundation for this Industry whose products encompass all aspects of life for both the rich and poor, in urban and rural India briefly touching on lives of over a billion in our country. I am referring to our Chemical Industry whose turnover at around 90 billion vs global of 3 trillion is likely to remain a minor player globally if we continue as now.
- Z F Lashkari, President, YezPer Consultant
April 2013
High-efficiency Mist Cooling System as an Alternative to Cooling Tower

This article will review basic type of cooling systems utilised in power plants and other industries. It will also explain why new advanced mist creation system is superior than conventional cooling towers.
- Makarand A Chitale, Director (Technical), Mist Resonance Engg Pvt Ltd, Pune
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