January 2012
Green Heat Exchanger for Clean Energy
Green technologies for increased productivity with reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint are the most sought after means to boost energy efficiency, so much so that industries are incessantly pursuing sustainable practices to build a secure energy efficient future. Praveen Saxena, Director and CEO, Blast Carboblocks, talks about a novel heat exchanger, which reduces energy consumption by effectuating efficient heat transfer...
- Praveen Saxena, Director & CEO, Blast Carboblocks
February 2012
Airox Nigen Equipments - Reliable Partners for Gases and Air Needs
Anil K Agrawal, Chairman, Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt Ltd in discussion with Bernard Rapose of CPF, has 25 years of experience in adsorption-based gas generators, and air and gas drying equipment, started this organisation in 1993. The group turnover has now reached Rs 75-crore. Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of who they are; focusing on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve their performance and customerís satisfaction. Their real-time technological services and solutions enable customers to achieve their required needs...
- Anil K Agrawal, Chairman, Airox Nigen Equipments Pvt Ltd
March 2012
Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd: The New Age Gasket Company
Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd was founded in 1987 and has more than 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide. The company is acknowledged as the market leader in manufacturing and supply of high-performance Industrial Static Sealing Products for the global processing industries. As of April 11, 2009, Flosil Group has acquired Goodrich Gaskets. Goodrich Gaskets is currently manufacturing and supplying the entire range of Industrial Gaskets from its most modern state-of-the-art brand new facility from Chennai....
April 2012
Unique Alternative to Conventional Cooling Towers
Water Cooling has played an important role in all types of process industries and power plants, since its inception. Efficiency of a process industry largely depends on availability of designed cold-water temperature throughout the year. This article will review basic type of cooling systems utilized in process industries. It will also explain why new advanced mist creation system is superior to conventional cooling towers....
- Makarand A Chitale, Director - Technical, Mist Resonance Engg Pvt Ltd
May 2012
Trends in Water and Wastewater Treatment
The demand for fresh water in India has continued to increase at a rapid pace. Continuous investment in water and wastewater improvement has created ample opportunities for water treatment equipment technology in India. This article gives an overall outlook on water and wastewater treatment business scenario in India...
- Environment & Building Technology Practice, Frost & Sullivan South Asia, Middle East and North Africa
June 2012
Responsible Industrial Growth - Concern for the Environment
With industrialisation, environmental pollution is also on the rise. Existing as well as upcoming industries need to change their approach from a Continuous Emission Monitoring driven one to an application oriented one. The article emphasises the need of online monitoring of fl ue gases to improve combustion effi ciency and stack emission monitoring...
- Samir Bhandarkar, Divisional Manager, Forbes Marshall, Pune
July 2012
Advanced Dry Vacuum Systems for the Process Industry
Chemical processing industries present special challenges related to vacuum technology because of the diffi cult environments required for operating equipment. Dry vacuum pumps have now become an effi cient, reliable option for processing industry applications. The article talks about the various advantages of dry pump technology...
- Dr Don Collins, Market Development Manager, Chemical Sector - Edwards Ltd
August 2012
Modular Designs in Pilot Plants: Advantages and Disadvantages
In the wake of increasing competition resulted in high demand for cost effective and timely completion of a pilot plant, the concept of modular designs for setting pilot plants has become a global phenomenon. Modular designs not only ensure effi ciency in plant construction but also enhance the overall lifecycle of the plant by reducing shifting and modifi cation cost...
- B Shankar, Chairman & Managing Director, Xytel India Pvt Ltd
September 2012
Technology for Inline Particle Measurement
Next-Generation FBRM® Changes the Paradigm: FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) has become a standard technology to track changes in particle size, count and shape in process since its introduction in 1986. Today, advances in the next generation of FBRM® have made it the choice technology for obtaining an improved understanding of particle parameters and achieving faster, more accurate and ultimately more cost-effective process optimisation.
- Benjamin Smith, Market Manager, Mettler Toledo
October 2012
"PSG is proud to be built on true 'innovators' in pump technologies"
Pump Solutions Group (PSG), a business unit of Dover Corporation, provides positive displacement (PD) pump solutions worldwide. PSG features world-class facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, and continues to add leading PD pump technologies to its portfolio, such as the recent acquisitions of Maag, RedScrew and Quattroflow. PSG was just awarded Frost & Sullivanís 2012 Global Growth Excellence Award in the Positive Displacement Pumps market. Ravi Prasad, Sales Director, PSG India, shares his insights about his companyís recent acquisitions and future plans in an exclusive interview with Bernard Rapose
- Ravi Prasad, Sales Director, PSG India
November 2012
Clean-in-Place Systems - Necessity in the Food Industry
Foods are natural media for growth of micro-organisms. The food processing equipment, therefore, demands frequent sanitisation and cleaning to maintain hygienic conditions and prevent product spoilage. However, use of cleaning agents and detergents for scheduled repetitive cleaning of the equipment result in effluent discharge; and the consequent environmental hazards definitely cannot be overlooked. Such requirement coupled with limitations has led to the advent of Clean-In-Place systems which have become a necessity in the food processing industry.
- T K Radhakrishnan, DGM, SBU - Food Systems, HRS Process Systems Ltd, Pune
December 2012
Gearing for the Big Leap
Ketan Patel, CEO, Dipesh Engineering Works (Member of JB Patel Group of Companies), joined his fatherís business in 1992 as a young engineer. Since then, he has been instrumental in driving the growth of the company with his strong technical skills and business acumen. In an exclusive interview with CPF, he discusses the Vision 2020 and the future plans of the company.
- Ketan Patel, CEO, JB Patel Group of Industries, Mumbai
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